Friday, March 3, 2017

This 27,500 Immigrant Story

Few ever sit down and examine the process of immigration into a country.

In old West Germany....prior to the Wall coming down, you had a simplified process for immigration.  You walked into a German embassy in your home country....filled out paperwork...then submitted the package for a review.  The West Germans would conduct some research into your case, and usually render a verdict within two or three months.

Yes, they'd look at your arrest record, and if you were noted for any crimes.  If you had no skills, crafts, or got negative points.  Then they'd either open the door for you to board a plane and enter West Germany.....or deny you immigration.

The present system today....has morphed a good bit.  What few understand is that there is still a process in existence.  Today's timetable after submission?  You could be talking about an entire year.  Part of the problem is simply the number of people trying to enter into the system.  The other problems include fake IDs and so much war chaos in a couple of regions.

In West German days, you didn't have significant amounts of funding used to support immigrants in 'camps' or centers for months and months....only to discover they won't get a visa.

I noticed a piece today where there is hype going on over the Germans not getting aggressive and accepting 27,500 refugees out of camps in Greece and Italy.  The group....Doctors Without Borders....were hyping the message and saying that it's not correct in denying entry to the 27,500 individuals....that Germany just needs to accept them.

There are several problems connected to the Greece/Italy group.  First, if you take this 27,500....what is to say that in six months....people think this is a new avenue into Germany and people rush to make it into Greece or Italy as their new angle of entry.

The second problem is that you really don't know who is in the 27,500 group.....all Iraqis?  A lot of Tunisian young men?  Are you signing up to take people with attitude problems and zero job skills?  Whats the cost factor of this whole thing.

Then you come to the third problem.....the real ID of the 27,500 folks.  Are they who they say they are?  No passports?  Fake passports?  Could you be standing there with over half of these people giving you fraudulent information?  Could you end up with 500 guys telling you that they are 15 years old....when in reality, they are 22 years old?

In the end, it's a process that achieves the end-result.  You can't personalize this process or make it unfair for the individuals being ranked and handled.  Nor can you allow the door to be completely open and allow unlimited immigration.

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