Saturday, March 25, 2017

Turkey and the Summer Vacation Dilemma

I was looking this morning at Turkey resort vacations and pricing, and it's a staggering change from a year ago.

There is this outstanding resort chain known around the world as "Robinson Club" hotels.  When you walk get the feel of a five-star resort, with every employee working to make your stay the trip of a lifetime.  Food and drink (beer, wine, soda), are all included in the price, with a mid-afternoon tea and cake session included.  Airfare?  It is also worked into the price.

So I checked out the Robinson Club Masavi pricing.  Normally for late June, as you enter the German vacation high should be 1,700-Euro for two weeks....PER PERSON.  Right now?  It's running for 1,382 Euro (roughly 30-percent off).

In a normal summer, the place would be packed with limited rooms left to pick from.  Because of the coup business and the anti-Erdogan sentiment in Germany....they've got lots of rooms still left, and they've reached the stage of lessening the price to a significant level.

The thing about the Robinson Club situation is that it's more of a resort than a hotel.  There are shows every evening.  It's located right on the beach but features a fine pool complex.  Dinners are a gourmet delight for each evening.  Breakfast offers every type of fruit in existence, with tons of normal items (bacon and omelets included).  Private security around the clock to ensure you feel safe. Activities planned around the clock for your kids, if you did drag them along.

If you did go down the list of resort hotels along the southern Turkish coast....even from the top-end type resorts....they've all settled upon a twenty-to-thirty percent discount.  If you went to lesser the three to four star range....most have gone onto a forty percent discount.

Would I go?  No.  All this chatter and hype from Erdogan has even unsettled me. It's sad in a way.  You could get the vacation of a lifetime for a fairly reasonable price now....with airfare and even have a bus pick you up at the airport to deliver you to the front door of the hotel.

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