Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Drug Trade in Europe

So, you come on a Saturday afternoon, in Europe, and you'd really like a hit of Cocaine, LSD, or Meth.  Well....some folks would.  Maybe you'd like some Captagon, or Heroin.  If you live in a rural's going to be a problem.  If you live in Duisburg, Stockholm, Malmo, Koln, Frankfurt, or Berlin?  It's basically a 10 to 30 minute subway ride, and you can buy all the stuff you need.

No need to worry about cops.  They rarely enforce any law on the drug zones in most urbanized cities.

I can draw you a map to Koln, Stockholm, Frankfurt or Berlin's best places to get the drugs.

No drug enforcement?  On rare occasions, the German cops will stage some run through a drug in Frankfurt's Taunus Strasse district.....mostly with journalists hanging on and taking pictures to assure the public that enforcement is a big priority.  Then the cops disappear and stay mostly out of sight for six months until the next public show of non-existent enforcement.

If you follow the news (at least in Germany), there are various mafia groups now....all leading to ethnic attachments (Kurds, Turks, Albanians, Serbs, Russians).  I admit Bavarian gangs, Scottish gangs, and Icelandic gangs are rarely if ever noted in the news.

You end up with different levels or special features of these gangs.  Meth labs for the most part are talked as being mostly in Czech, and gangs arrange for purchases, and then have specialized folks who drive the stuff in and make a central delivery.  The gang then has it's distribution group....which these days are said to be mostly North African gentlemen and some central African guys.....mostly those without any occupation or trade, and they don't worry much about jail.

Cash and profit gets generated, and then? one much talks about the black market of cash flow.  It's hard to laundry out millions per week of cash.  Transferring it around?  Practically impossible.  This is one of the parts of the whole drug sales story that never seems to be told by any news source.

Locals not angry?  That's an odd part to this whole thing.  If you live around these drug are fairly angry and want the city to clean up the mess.  But if you live outside of the will never notice any of the drug trade, or the doped-up punks.

I stood six months ago in a park in Wiesbaden and noted two young guys who were totally spaced guess....heroin.  With the exception of some misty rain coming down, there wasn't much to worry the two guys.  Cops were going to come and mess with them.  The general public won't see the business or worry about this.  If they were out in some public street and jumping in front of cars.....maybe the cops would get pepped up and do something.  But this is the reality of where Europe is today....just accepting the business as long as it's not by your front-door.

In Germany, we are fairly close to a point where the general public (my guess 50-percent) will accept marijuana as a logical and non-problem drug.  Twenty years would have been 25-percent.  Times have changed people perceptions.

Even the use of MCMA (Ecstasy)....has become an accepted thing among probably one-third of the German youth (18 to 25 years old).  It's affect?  Mostly putting you into a trance-like state for a couple of hours.  A bad batch or excessive use?  Yeah, it might kill you.  On a Friday night across Germany....I would take a humble guess that 350,000 of the 82-million are easily taking it....maybe as many as half-a-million.

If you look around the Middle East at the growing use of Captagon....I'd take a guess that in less than three'll be a major drug within Germany.  In this case....people might be show signs of violence, and the general public might not be as accepting to the other drugs.

As bad as Detroit?  You can't say least not yet.  Maybe in twenty years it might reach that stage, but with the standard of living where it is....a lot of folks just don't have the extra cash for recreational type drugs.

It might shock Americans that the drugs are that open and acceptable....without the threat of arrest....but the other shock is that much in drug trafficking is done daily....without taxation.  That part should anger a lot of Germans.

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