Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rinkeby and the Cop Station

I've commented on a couple of occasions about Rinkeby, Sweden.  It's the neighborhood on the northwest side of Stockholm....built of the late 1960s for middle-class affordable housing by the government.  It ended up by the 1990s being mostly housing for immigrants and migrants. Over the past decade, it's a full-up ghetto operation that has a questionable future.

Around three years ago, the cops shut down the Rinkeby police station.  It was no longer a viable building for use. So the discussion at the time was....they'd build a new police station (roughly 200 to 250 officers for this area of town).  What they wanted was a structure with a protected parking lot.  There is ample room in the suburb of Rinkeby....that was never the issue at hand.

But what the news media has figured out that while the cops have a requirement, and the city government has capital to throw at a construction project like this.....NO construction company was willing to bid on the contract.

Typically, you'd see a number of companies bidding, with various angles to the job.  In this case, no one wanted to send their workers into the affected neighborhood.

You can imagine that the companies view a construction project like this as a magnet for trouble.  You'd go and do X-amount of work....only to show up on a Monday morning to find that massive damage to the work has been done and you have to start back fixing what was screwed by the punk gangs who reside in Rinkeby.

There's nothing that the cops can say about this or bring this to a closure.  They could go two kilometers NW to Barkarby....another neighborhood outside of the Rineby shadow.  I suspect that the politicians want the station there in Rinkeby to send a message.  Some of the locals in Rinkeby probably want the station there to help herd in the youth gangs which are out of control.

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