Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ending to Ellwangen Story

A couple of weeks ago, I essayed a German story over a failed visa applicant in Germany, from Togo.  This was down in the Ellwangen area, and cops had decided (late at night), that this was an appropriate time to go and start the deportation process.  Naturally, his friends at the immigration center got all upset, and this turned into a confrontation.  The cops had to release him because of the threats upon them.  Three days later....they returned, in massive form, and took the guy at a 5 AM situation. 

So Focus (the German news magazine) updated the story this morning.

The guy was put on a plane this morning....out of Frankfurt....bound for Italy. 

The legal story behind this?  Well....when he arrived in Italy, he signed the paperwork there, and by EU law....that's where you have to enter into the visa process and perform all of the actions in that country.  You don't 'shop-around' within the EU.

In this case....the guy realized the Italian 'deal' was not the same as the German 'deal', and packed up....leaving for Germany. 

In an interview BILD (the German daily newspaper), the Togo guy kinda surprised folks and said that he was finished with this whole business...."I'm going back to Africa" was the quote.

My guess is that he's home-sick to some degree, and the routine of bureaucratic paperwork and legal efforts have reached some peak with him.

The end?  Well....he'll be in Italy for several weeks I would imagine.  Whether Togo will take him back is another question, and he might be shocked if they refuse him, and he has no choice but to accept Italy.

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