Saturday, February 24, 2018

Good Movie

Last night, I flipped over to the Arte channel.  Arte, for the this European creation where culturally-accepted programming....meaning the high-brow stuff (movies, documentaries, concerts) are shown.  To be honest, over an entire year....I probably watch between six and ten hours....mostly movies.

Last night, they ran a 2018 movie....'Caught, The Case of K'.

It's basically the true story of a German car restoration guy who got into a relationship with financial advisor gal from Bavaria.  The gal was leading a life involved in money-laundering, and the guy may have figured different pieces of the story.  The gal, by this point, his wife.....decided to get rid of having a mental process done, and tossing him into a German mental hospital.  I know....typically, you murder someone but in her case, she figured she could convince a court he was crazy.

He spends roughly six years trying to convince the court that he's not crazy, and that the wife is the person who ought to face the court.

Movie-wise, I'd give it four stars and say that it's a very interesting story.   If you have access to Arte, it's again on around 1 March, at 14:00.  In six months, it'll probably be available via Netflix or Amazon.

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