Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Gun Story

It's a short story I noticed this morning off N-TV (Commercial news network) that talks to the issue of weapons and unlicensed holders of weapons.

There's a local guy (German) from the area of M√ľnstereifel in North Rhine-Westphalia (NW Germany), who had a number of problems.  There's a suggestion of alcoholism, drugs, and mental instability. Apparently, the cops got some info....maybe from the evaluation of the staff from the stay at the rehab unit....then brought into a group of cops on a search warrant to his house.

No one says the 53-year-old guy was crazy or such....just that he had drug and alcohol problems.

Entering the house....cops find two rifles, two machine guns, a broken-down shotgun, various pieces and parts, and some ammo.

No license to hold weapons, so I guess they will spend some time trying to figure out how he acquired these.  A threat? can perceive this but it doesn't sound like he tried to make a threat.  His mental instability is probably what drove this quick action on the cops.  Charges?  Well, yeah....that's bound to be part of the deal.  But here's the thing....he can claim he's nuts, and he'll just end up in a mental facility. 

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