Sunday, July 1, 2018

Five Point SPD Policy

Here on Sunday in Germany, ARD (public TV, Channel One) is hyping up a new development on the front for immigration and asylum in Germany.....with the SPD Party (the left of center folks).

The deal?  Well....the SPD wrote a five-part plan to fix all the woes of asylum and immigration. 

I's a bit too much to believe.

Basically, right off the bat, they let you know that they'd prefer the EU solve this, and that probably starts some Germans to laughing. 

Second, they let you know that having border control or stopping folks at the border, just isn't right.  They've all worked hard to have open borders and you just can't allow the CSU folks (Seehofer), to mess this up.

Then they mention that they don't want camps set up in Northern Africa. 

Then they go to a central theme.....there needs to be a German policy which reviews the 'needs of the German market'.  How this would work....isn't readily explained by ARD, and I suspect that the SPD Party itself doesn't know how it would work.

My guess is that you'd finally go and review the sixteen states and unemployment levels, and just admit that about half of Germany has enough people to fulfill jobs (those with unemployment at 7-percent or more), and the other half (particularly Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg) at 3-to-4 percent need more folks.  But they'd quickly hint.....they need trained and qualified folks.

Then you come to the last suggestion....financially helping some countries to prevent folks from migrating.  Yes, basically paying them off in some way, to hold back the flow.  How much?  Unknown.

On the one side, the SPD really needed to make a statement.  However, once you go and open this's a pretty limited and marginal plan.  The news media?  They will spin this into a three-minute positive talk but there's just not much there to talk about. 

This job-level and unemployment chat?  It probably should have been brought up five years ago.  Germans keep great statistical data and they could tell you that these forty-odd cities are maxed out on unemployment and you really don't need to bring any more migrants into the system.  The other issue here.....if the folks wanting the entry door have no does this system really help....if any? 

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