Saturday, July 7, 2018

More Chatter on Merkel 'Solution'

After all that dramatic stuff on the migrant centers with Seehofer, the Chancellor came to some point of agreement, and the 'drama' ended.....the collapse was avoided.

In the middle of this agreement, which I noted rather quickly....Merkel's 'solution' to make everything work involved the failed visa migrant who would be picked up for exiting the country, and they would be taken to a transit center (there would only be two of these), and it would have to happen within two days (48 hours).

The odds of doing this in 48 hours?  You could apply a hundred scenarios, and find that the vast majority (more than 50-percent) will fail (my humble guess).

What's the guideline?  The Basic Law (the German Constitution).....says that the police can only detain a person for a maximum of 48 hours without a court order.

So you start to think about the operations order at the transit center.  According to the Focus article I was reading this morning.....their journalist had talked to some asylum law experts, and they were fairly skeptical as to whether the short deadline is enough to really make this work.

You can imagine all this effort to open the two transit centers....getting them staffed, and then six months into this.....they admit that less than ten-percent of the folks that they bring in....can meet the 48-hour holding rule.  The rest are released.  Cops will just laugh over the whole process because it's built to fail.

It's just one big chaotic and childish situation that you'd expect 12-year-old kids to develop, and the bureaucrats really can't design something that works. 

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