Saturday, July 7, 2018

Soccer Chatter

I sat watching the World Cup game last night....Belgium won. 

For the Germans, most of the excitement is gone.  But the public TV crowd (ZDF, Channel Two) is stuck with high-priced analysts they hired and lots of air-time.

So I sat for about 25 minutes watching this odd theatrical episode occur with the German national team manager, and the ZDF sports commentator. 

There's really nothing much to say over the German team's early finish and the less said....the better off things would be.  But the journalists drilled down into these topics, and the manager counter-drilled against the journalist. 

At some point, I just wished the jokers in Mainz who have the master-control on-off button....could have pressed it and ended the torment for German viewers.  I suspect in some way that the public TV crowd are using the soccer torment, to counter German frustrations with the political crowd. 

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