Thursday, July 5, 2018

Public TV Story

The TV tax folks of Germany came up today (via a short Focus news article), and announced that they've compared their pay-listing against a total listing of all Germans (one has to wonder who gave them the list or if they were authorized the list)....but apparently there are 3.5 million Germans non-paying members.

So the 'chat' from the TV tax folks is that a letter is going out to the full 3.5 million and asking for an explanation of some sort. 

I'm guessing that probably 200,000 of them will be homeless folks who have a mailbox but no real home.  The rest?  It's hard to say.  Some may be full-time residents of some old-folks home or mental facility, and so they may not even react to the letter coming. 

This has oddly become one of those top one-hundred topics which a fair number of folks under the age of thirty really have no desire to pay the tax or watch any of the public-TV offerings.  My son often makes the case....he hasn't watch public-TV for around a dozen years now. 

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