Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Sami A. Story

It's a short story by Focus Magazine that I picked up today and read through.  In a way, it's a bit another way, it's sad.

Germany had in it's hands....the former bodyguard of Al Qaeda boss....Osama bin Laden.  For a number of months, they debated what to do with him.

At some point recently, they made the decision that he just couldn't stay in Germany.  No visa....just deport the guy.

So the deportation exercise started up.  Appeals were launched.  At some point, it appeared that most appeals were finished, and the German authority put the guy (Sami A.) on a plane to Tunisia.

Well, a German court opened up an appeal and said late yesterday.....he could stay in Germany.  But by that point, the guy was sitting in Tunisia, and they are pushing on internal charges of terrorism.

The German court?  They say "grossly unlawful and violates fundamental constitutional principles."  That court wants the guy retrieved.  They've order the state (NRW) to start a retrieval.

Will Tunisia send the guy back?  Unknown.

Who screwed up?  That's hard to say.  The problem is that the German court system is loaded with appeal cases over deportation, and they probably need a specialized court system that ONLY handles deportation episodes.

The odds of the guy ever returning?  I think that after Tunisia gets all the insider information that the guy has.....there might be some deal made to return him to Germany.  But a regular German looking at this whole court action deal....deportation....with the back-and-forth action?  He'd just start shaking his head.  This is fairly messed up.

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