Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The 700,000 Story

I sat and read a piece this morning via the Daily Mail of England.  Some Brit law enforcement group has estimated that around Libya today....there are near 700,000 folks waiting in some pattern to leave and become a migrant destined for Europe.

It's a hefty number, if true.  They estimate that for each boat that the smugglers take out and attempt the trip....there's around $400,000 to be made.  The curious thing is that it's all tax-free.  If you and four associates got this business going and did a dozen trips a year?  You could retire in 18 months.

Here's the thing, if Italy's new leadership continues with the no-entry deal for rescue ships, then the whole smuggler routine is challenged and the 700,000 folks might be in Libya for a long while.  All of this will disturb the Libyan people, lead to crime elements, and cause friction....which likely leads onto some type of civil unrest. 

If you had some civil war erupt and suddenly the waiting crowd,and the Libyans in fear of unrest....start to leave toward Egypt or big of a mess does this develop into?  That's the thing that people might want to think about....there are always consequences. 

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