Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Joint Distribution Agreement?

The highlight of the afternoon least from Focus and ARD (Channel One) that Germany and France held some meeting and agree that there has to be some form of a EU initiative for mandatory quotas of refugees.....a distribution system.

The big EU meeting in October?  I'm guessing that this will be one of the first points brought up.

There are twenty-eight members in the EU.  While France and Germany hold a number of cards and might get some agreements across to the whole group, it's hard to see how anyone would agree to a equalized distribution system.  Even if they agreed at some table....they'd just respond later that they refuse to take anyone.

Punishment?  What Germany will hint is that they are prepared to put back up the border controls and make life miserable for just about everyone in Europe.....forcing commerce (trucks), and guests (bus traffic).....linger at the border check points.  In this case.....the other countries might hint that they are prepared to put up border control points, and make Germans truckers and drivers spend an equal amount of time waiting on approval to proceed.

I'm guessing that this will consume a fair amount of time on the nightly news as they talk of how this will be accepted and solve the current crisis.  A couple of think-tank folks and journalists will chat over the anticipated agreement and how it'll work.  There's a remote possibility of someone asking why any of the twenty-six remaining countries would want to agree to this....these German state-run TV forums are usually arranged and scripted, so I wouldn't expect the public to figure out the problems associated with this.

If you look across at economic conditions beyond Germany and France.....there isn't exactly a big rosy picture for the majority of European countries.  Why bother with more problems on top of the present issues?

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