Monday, September 14, 2015

German News Story

I sat this weekend and watched the German 'culture' channel (state-run).  They ran the normal news of the day (the 8:00PM episode) from 12 Sep 1995 (twenty years ago).  It was interesting watching the way that news was bundled up and delivered to the German public in 1995, versus today.

First, there's a stoic and simplified reading of the news....straight from the script.  They were truly 'readers' and not selling you the news as you see today.

Second, if there was video in the was just the clip itself (video) and no audio commentary from some guy on the scene in Madrid or you get today.

Third, it was pure raw news, laced with some facts, and no slanted angles.  In today's German national news....especially from the state-run TV crowd....they want to explain the situation and give you a slant of some type for almost every story.

Fourth, the guy from 1995 really didn't care if he was dressed in style or not.  He was dressed in something that looked like an old guy's suit from the early 1980s.  Today, they wouldn't let anyone on camera unless they looked 'classy'.

Fifth, the weather was 30 seconds max and just barely gave you some indication of what the majority of Germans would see tomorrow for weather.

Sixth and final, no flashy graphics or other wording on the screen.....just some guy's simple words connecting you to the story.

Frankly, I like the 1995-version of the news and wish they'd deliver that instead of the geeky and slanted version of today.

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