Thursday, September 17, 2015

The New Spy-Museum?

Off (a decent German business page), I noted today that Berlin has a new attraction....a spy-museum.

From what they's mostly like the one in DC.  I spent two hours at the DC Spy Museum back 2011.  From what I was a hefty price to get in (roughly $20) and it was a curious collection of spy items from the cold war.  It was briefly interesting, a hefty price, and then you realized about an hour into the walk that you were fairly near the end and asking yourself where the time went.

This Berlin spy-museum?'s supposed to be around 18-Euro, which is a hefty price as well.  It might be worth seeing, but here's the thing....Berlin has around 200-odd things worth seeing.  Other than Rome or Vienna or Amsterdam.....Berlin is loaded with things to see or do.  A guy could spend ten days there and still have dozens of things to accomplish.  Adding a spy-museum?  Maybe someone thinks it'll draw people, but I doubt it.

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