Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Stick Fight?

German cops got called today to the refugee center over here in Hessen at Calden (at the regional airport). What the TV news says....very that sixty to seventy guys got into a stick and rock confrontation.  Couple of guys got slightly injured and seen by medical folks.  All the cops will generally hint is that it was two groups.....Albanians and Pakistani.

Where they got the sticks?  Well, nobody said much on that.   You would think that there would be daily security sweeps of the compound area and potential weapons confiscated.

As for the relationships in conflict?   Well, that's a curious thing because of the change this week over the Albanians from a safe area.....there's going to be a significant number of Albanians throughout Germany who are sent back home within the next couple weeks.  I suspect that the Pakistani folks tainted the Albanians and they just got all hyped up.

This is one of the dozen-odd problems with the refugee camps.....they are made up of various cultures and societies, and they don't mix that well.  The Germans have said in public forums that they are aware of this and have tried to keep certain groups from mixing with other groups. hasn't worked that well.

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