Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Tent Solution in Short Term

Back in April and May across house the incoming refugee crowd in temporary shelter while waiting on the visa approval or disapproval.....tents became the solution.  Once you crossed over the approval or disapproval ended up in more appropriate buildings.  Some were old....some were concrete....some were steel-container type shelters, but they all had weather protection and could handle winters.  The original shelter where you were going to wait a few weeks to a few months.....this was a mixture of buildings and tents.

Let's be honest....the cities were forced to react by directions handed down by the county apparatus and the state leadership.....which was dumped onto them by the Berlin crowd.  I no longer refer to the Berlin crowd as just the CDU-CSU-SPD includes the Green Party and the Linke Party as well.  They all played into this mess.

Folks have kinda woke up in the last month and finally grasped that cold winter weather is six to eight weeks away now.  Some type of massive action, involving funding and fast acting plans needs to be implemented.

What'll happen?  The best guess is that arenas and large depot buildings sitting empty....will be rented by some German government agency.  This will all happen in a hurry and probably have a higher-then-normal cost attached....because there won't be any bidding or open competition on this deal. Planned this way?  A business analyst would look upon the last couple of months and would have easily predicted this outcome back in June.

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