Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Polling Data

Oddly, today....Focus (the German news magazine) came out with a poll that they ran against the German public.  Two significant questions with a really different numbering scheme.

On the question of whether the public agrees with Merkel's refugee strategy....forty-eight-percent said NO, and forty-one-percent said YES, with eleven-percent having no opinion.

On the question of being open toward was forty-two percent saying NO (against the refugee situation), and forty-one percent saying YES (they were happy with the refugee situation).

Vastly different from the state-run TV news polling?  Yes.  From three weeks ago....they were still talking about a eighty-percent favorable situation with Germans liking the refugees.  With that angle, they just couldn't understand why that last twenty-percent were holding out and being anti-refugee.

With the Focus numbers.....they even found that one out of three Germans were completely supportive of the Hungarian position taken and support Hungary.

Whose poll might be right?  It's hard to say.  You can slant a poll a dozen ways and work it into different patterns.  Generally, you'd think that the state-run TV folks run a fair least from past episodes that I've seen.

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