Friday, September 25, 2015

An Impossible Act: To Disappear in Germany

Germans have developed a society and enough rules.....that it is practically impossible to least within the border itself.

You can't just make up a alias....and pretend to be someone and walk around doing jobs, traveling or opening bank accounts.  All of these require an ID and you have to present an ID at various points to live a normal German life.  I've been told this....over and over and over.

Well.....this episode occurred and I've come to realize that you can disappear within Germany.  In the mid-1980s.....a twenty-four-year-old student disappeared.  Cops came looking, and eventually....they closed the case by saying she was dead.  I should note.....there is no it's odd how they came to this conclusion.

Thirty-one years passed, and a month ago.....the fifty-five-year-old woman suddenly appeared.  She's living under an assumed name.

This is an interesting case because the cops even advertised her on their state-run TV show (XY) back in the 1980s....hoping to find evidence of her demise.

So, the curiosity now do you survive without a bank account (would require showing a passport ID), a health card, or travel passport?  All she says is that she assumed another identity and continued on.

My humble guess is that she had attitude change about the family and escaping was the way to solve the problem at hand.  The cops are ought to be impossible in Germany today to make it without showing a legit ID or passport.  Where was her pension contributions going to?  How did she travel if she left the country?

Oddly, the family of the woman learned of the whole thing, and would like to have some meeting with her.....which the cops agreed to pass a letter to her but won't identify where she lives.  She (at least by what the journalist wrote up).....didn't seem eager to meet with the relatives.

If you were looking for a four-star script for a movie.....this is potentially an interesting idea to write a script over.

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