Monday, September 14, 2015

Would Have Been An Interesting Event

It was probably one of those events that I would have paid money to just stand there and watch events unfold.

At some point over the weekend, down in Pontoise, France....there was a Muslim conference being held.  Normally, there wouldn't be much for press coverage to see or cover.   This event took a twist.

At some point....two topless ladies jumped up on the stage and did a confrontation with the Muslim guys.  I'm guessing of the 1,000-odd things that a Muslim guy might expect to happen during his normal day....this would have been off the charts.

The gals were activists....some extreme feminist outfit called Femen.  Their words were: “Nobody makes me submit” written across their boobs.

The shouts before they were dragged off?  “Nobody makes me submit, me nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet!”

One of the folks observing the episode....simply noted by the end....things were getting a bit violent, and the Muslim guys didn't have much patience left in them.

If you sit down and look up the more violent feminist episodes....the last two years have been building up with more and more least across Europe.  They've hit the Catholics, the Russians, and dozens of oddball events.  Generally, you'd have to say that these ladies are fairly pumped up.

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