Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Arctic Circle Refugee Trail?

It's a pretty radical route.

You as a Syrian refugee realize the harsh and difficult nature of the route via the Med or through Greece, and decide use the route of the north, and cross the border north of the Arctic Circle, to get into Norway.

Nearest Russian city to the border?  Murmansk.

It's a hundred kilometers to the Norwegian border.  In the period June, July and could handle this but it's still fairly cold at night.  With a decent tent, and a real sleeping bag.....a guy can handle this type of event.

So, you cross the border (walking over) and then declare yourself.

Russian traffickers helping?  Well, if there is some help occurring....they are basically just driving you within twenty-odd miles of the border and dumping you there.

In the case of one guy.....he paid roughly $150 for a bike and rode to the border.

What the news folks say is that it started up this summer and around one-hundred-and-fifty people crossed into Europe via this method.

For the summer of 2016?  Once this gets out and people examine the might be more favored.  If you can fly into Moscow and get a bus ride to might be easier than the present Med route.

The question you'd have to ask....would you be eager to get up to around the Arctic Circle and do some hiking and walking?  Even in summer periods?  Most folks would question the wisdom of this.  But if you had a family with young kids, and you knew the flight into Moscow wouldn't cost that much or involve any bribes to anyone....then ride for twenty-four hours on some bus, and then walk for two days to cross some simple border?  Well, it might be worth the deal.

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