Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pure Investigative Journalism

Back in the'd notice some US networks and newspapers doing real investigative journalism.  At least once a month, you'd be watching something and feel kinda surprised that these guys found different ways to tell a story and dig into it with creativity.  Frankly, it's hard in today's atmosphere to see that kind of enthusiasm.  I was sitting there last night and watching HR (my local region German network) and observed that old-fashioned investigative journalism.

It was an honest story.

They wanted to see just how much you could fake people out on cosmetic facial cream.  So they had these three expensive 250-Euro creme.....a 50-Euro creme.....and a 19-Euro creme.   Then they went to some professor and decided to make their own creme out of a five-gallon bucket of fat from a local butcher.

Yep.....pure fat.

They blended in some nice scents, and various elements.....tinted it light green, and put it into a nice small glass container.  They spent some time and got a four-star label on the item.  Then they went into a test phase with several women.  The homemade blend of animal fat?  It did pretty well.....was received well and highly praised.  Per container, I doubt if the total cost was more than a Euro or two.
All along the story.....they had various professors who talked about the production cycle, the advertising cycle, and the innovation cycle.  In fifteen was a great investigative journalism piece....inventing a story out of thin air.

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