Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Micky-D's Organic Beef Burger?

It came out today that in October here in Germany....McDonalds will offer two organic beef burgers.  It'll be McB and the Long-McB.

It's an odd deal.  Germans are hyped up on organic items....I'd take a guess that ten-percent of the population are fairly dedicated to organic items, and at least twenty-percent of society will occasionally buy items which are labeled organic in nature.

So, there's plenty of market support to provide McDonalds the items required for a regular burger....from the beef, to the bun, and to include the various 'other' items.  Organic ketchup?  Yep.  And organic mustard.

Keeping the regular stuff separate from the organic item?  Well....I'm guessing it'll be packaged in some way that they don't mix the items.

Profitable?  You'd have to sell a fair number of burgers and I doubt if this is more than a product designed like the ribs burger that only comes up one quarter out of the year.  Among the obsessed Germans who are dedicated to the organic might be a curious thing, but I can't see them stopping off for a organic burger more than once a month.  It's still loaded with grease and fat, which irks the nutritional side of Germans.

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