Sunday, September 6, 2015

The New Christians in Germany?

I picked up the Times of Israel today and read through an article.  I admit....I'm a news junkie and read an awful lot of different publications.  The article?  There's this ongoing theme noted now in Germany....with Islamic folks from beyond Syria....who are in the waiting process for approval on the visa to stay in Germany.  It takes months and months, in some cases, for approval or disapproval. This is the group of folks from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a number of countries....which are typically Islamic in nature.

From what the Times reporters discusses.....Kiristen Grieshaber....there's this trend of Muslim families walking into a Christian-theme church in Germany, and converting over to Christians.  Yeah, an amazing thing.

The slant to the story?

Well....these people are a bit worried that in the weeks and months while they wait for approval to stay.....they will be turned down.  So, they've found this new gimmick.  You see....if you are a immigrant from a heavily Islamic country and you are are under dire threat if forced into returning.  So, by the rules (actual written rules that the Germans established several years ago) would get a hefty chance of being approved to stay in Germany.

Now, Grieshaber is writing the article in such a way that it's shown that it's not the only reason, and some folks are going this direction because they believe more in Christianity than Islam.

The curious part to the story is that the church which is heavily involved in this conversion theme.....has a three-month orientation course (referred to as a 'crash' course).  I'm guessing there's one or two evenings a week....a small forum where scripture is read and discussed.  Some Christian themes are thrown out on the table.  This particular group....a Trinity church.....was a small domination and probably put more effort into an open-door policy than most other churches.

Oddly, Grieshaber notes in the article that several other communities and churches in Germany are experiencing the same thing....but discuss it less in public.

How many of the four million Muslims currently in Germany (more yet to come) are in a conversion stage?  Unknown.  In fact....I would wager that no German government agency or department wants to know.

The odds of this being a successful reason for Germans approving the immigration form?  Also unknown, and I doubt if any agency would comment publicly.  In most countries like Afghanistan....being a Christian is a death-wish if you walked around in public.

An odd way of staying in Germany?  Well....yeah.  But, it shows the dramatic and creative nature of people.  And if this gets out into the mass media....there could be thousands on some Christian 'crash-course' deal.

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