Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Imam Hand-shake or Lack of a Hand-shake

It probably won't get discussed on state-run TV news....but Focus reported it.  The CDU chief for Rhineland-Palatinate had a tour recently of a refugee camp.

The political leader....Jula Klockner.....had an open list of people to meet at the camp and one suggestion was the local Imam for the folks there at the camp in Idar-Obserstein.  Well, there was some recommendations against the lady meeting with the Imam.

You see....he's pretty strict on women needing to serve their place in the world.....under men.   So the camp organizers tried to get her to wipe this meeting off the schedule, and she thought about it....then said that she'd extend her hand to the Imam, and he apparently declined it.  So, there's a fair bit of hostility about this event which didn't happen.

Klockner thinks that some law needs to be put into place which demands integration as compulsory....and one of those little pieces of the law ought to be that people realize they have to live in a man-woman world.

There are a thousand things you could do and people would just overlook your issue....at least that's my perception in Germany.  But one of those little things that they don't overlook is a hand stretched out and you refuse to shake it.  And if your logical answer is that it's a woman extending the handshake....well.....you've screwed up big-time.

The traction that she got off this screw-up by the Imam?  There will likely be some type of integration law on the books by summer of 2016, and it'll conflict with the Imam's perception of reality.

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