Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The "Little" Car

I attend various car-shows and marketing shows.....mostly because I've got tons of free time.

A while back, I went to a show which featured the Aixam Cars.  These are French-made and feature cars which hit a peak of 45 kph (roughly 30 miles an hour).

This car? The Aixam City S model, a 2-cylinder diesel powered car.

The curious item to the car?  Here in Germany....you just need a moped or scooter license....meaning a kid who is 16 years old....can buy and operate it.

The basic model?  Roughly 13,000 Euro.  And yes, it does actually come in an electrical/battery model but another 2,000 Euro higher.  Room for four, although the rear seat isn't that big and it'd probably serve better to just put the rear seat down and use it all for cargo.

A hot sales item?  I'm not that sure about that.  There's no real speed with the car.  If you were sixteen years old.....most don't have the cash or the parent's desire to fund such a deal.  Why not wait two more years and buy a car with speed?

Yet, there is a market for small cars like this.  If you were a city dweller and just require transportation to get around town.....never going anywhere beyond the city limits....then the car makes sense.  In some ways, it's a car that you could keep around as your second vehicle for ten years and just use it for grocery-shopping or appointments, with ease of parking because of the size.

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