Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In a 40-Minute Span

At 17:42 today (Tuesday) in Germany, ARD (our state-run network) posted up a video story.  A NDR (regional network) sent out one of their reporters in disguise to a refugee camp in Germany.  She did a couple of days of undercover reporting, with video as part of the report.  The curious thing isn't the video....it's the quick reaction of the public and comments attached to the video report.

By 18:07 (25 minutes after they posted the video report), people started to comment on ARD's web site.  The first comment?  Blasting away on the immigration policy of Germany.

By 18:09, the next comment came up (Sad Democrat was the guy's handle), and he blasted away at the SPD Party leadership.

By 18:20, the next comment came up....fairly negative about the German strategy.

By 18:22, ARD shut off commentary.  The ARD words:  Dear users, because of the high number of comments is currently overloaded our moderation. Therefore, this message can not be commented on at the moment. We ask for your understanding. Best regards, The Moderator

Basically, the moderator was probably getting two or three comments a minute, and they were probably all fairy negative in words.  The guy or gal....sitting there and having to reflect upon allowing some words to be said.....reached a point where it was largely negative and nothing positive.  So, it's the only possible solution....shut down commentary.

In some ways, state-run TV in Germany is trying it's best to present everything in a positive image....to the point where one might ask where facts and truth are displayed or hidden.  When a viewer thinks of you more of a cheerleader, your trust as a journalist is laughed upon.

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