Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Fake Cop Episode in Wiesbaden

Since I arrived in the summer of 2013.....I'd take a guess that roughly fifteen fake cop episodes have occurred in Wiesbaden.

Typically, it's a foreign tourist that they try the fake-cop routine upon.

This time.....was a German (older guy) from Marburg on this past Saturday morning near the square in Wiesbaden's Kochbrunnen.  Two guys approached....dark clothing....and noted they needed to perform a security check on him.  No uniform....just some flashed badge.

By the time they finished their review of his billfold and he "woke-up" to check his billfold.....he was 200 Euro less.

It's almost comical now.  These guys walk around a zone of roughly one square kilometer in the trendy area of Wiesbaden.  Sometimes.....they go for an entire month or two, with no reported action....then you get this one report.

I'm waiting one day.....where I'm just walking around and taking pictures in the midst of town, and two dimwits approach me in civilian clothing and flashing some badge.  I'd really like to jump the two guys.....but with my luck....it'll be two real cops in undercover clothing and I'll have to call the wife because I assaulted two cops downtown.

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