Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Brochure

There's a brochure that got recently produced in Germany....entitled "Using Potential - Employing Refugees."  It came out of an effort between the German national office....the BAMF....which handles migration and refugees.....and the German Employers Association (BDA).

It's an interesting brochure which they hope to hand out to various German companies and get them charged up to hire new immigrants and refugees.

The push?  They say that refugees often are educated and qualified as they arrive in Germany, they have an expertise that can be utilized in most business environments.  Plus there's the language factor as well.  All of this.....with hyped up emotion for their new country and intercultural knowledge....makes it a win-win situation.

The curious thing is that the current German unemployment rate is hovering (for three quarters now) near 4.6-percent.....which is awful low.  But I was reading late last year from Fortune over a statistical divide in Germany.....where unemployment in the western side of Germany remains low.....in the former DDR-side (the eastern third of the nation)....it's closer to nine-percent (at least with 2014 data).

It might be true in some urban areas like Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg....that some type of commercial enthusiasm exists for new-hires and this job atmosphere would be a possibility for the new immigrants.  But then you'd have to have funding around for some certification program or retraining effort.  No one talks much about that issue.  A tax break for companies that went at this angle?  No one says much.  It might take a year for BAMF to convince the government that some gimmicks might be necessary to make this a success.

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