Monday, September 21, 2015

The Cost Story

The Daily Mail out of England....had an interesting fact that they put up on the cost of immigration in Europe.

There's this Japanese investment bank....Mizuho....which tends to analyze things to the ninth degree.  So they took up the idea of what it really costs for a nation to handle a refugee.

They came to a single basic calculation of 12,500 Euro for each refugee to cover food, shelter, medical attention, support, and logistical support, for each single year.

Using the number that the Germans toss around of one million refugees a year over the next two years.....this all comes out to roughly twenty-five billion Euro.

One should note, as you read through the simple analysis.....that only assumes the number doesn't escalate in 2016, and that this whole mess ends by spring of 2017.  So far, I haven't seen anyone really explain why it'd stay at the same level and not escalate....or explain the magical way that it'd all calm down by spring of 2017.

The effect on Germans if they knew it was twenty-five billion Euro?  Well, that'd probably set them into a daze....making them ask about the pay-back and how this would be funded.  You should note in the calculations....that there is no mention of the housing requirements that would have to be built (some say 450,000 units per year), and that would lay on top of the twenty-five billion Euro.

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