Tuesday, September 15, 2015

German Movie Action

For the last two weeks.....Channel One (ARD) here in Germany has been advertising a ARD-produced movie for tonight.  The topic?  It's a fictional story of the German Chancellor tripping and knocking herself in the head.....then having amnesia.

Entitled: The Skater.

No, it's NOT a comedy like you'd expect in the US.  It's some dramatic piece, at least by German standards.

An American would note after a couple of years.....there's a list of interesting topics for state-run TV movies and there's a list of forbidden topics.  Science fiction never occur (never-ever).  Cowboy westerns never occur.  Love-romance movies probably make up twenty-five percent of the production schedule.  Murder mysteries probably take up fifty percent. Historical pieces are rare if ever.....but typically revolve around the 1960s, and in some rare cases....prior to 1914.

The Skater will probably trigger some debate over health rules and when it's mandatory for the Chancellor to retire.  In the Bundestag.....your position is determined by the political party, and they could just ease you out with a simple party vote if they felt your health was a problem.

Entertainment?  Well.....don't worry.  There's roughly twenty-five channels you can check out and there's always something else to watch.  I'd take a guess out of eighty million residents....less than a million will watch this movie..

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