Friday, September 18, 2015

That 3:30 AM Siren

Back around Wednesday sleep got interrupted by the local air-raid-fire-alarm-siren in my village.  Roughly 3:30 AM.  It's 45-odd second alarm, which would wake just about everyone in the village up, and get the local fire department guys (all volunteers) to jump up and react to a fire.

From 3:30 AM on.....I was awake.  So I lost at least two lousy hours of sleep.

I a normal year....between 10PM and 6AM, I'll probably get woke up four or five times.  I've gotten used to it and don't whine about as much as I did the first year.

Well, today....I came to find out that they activated the get the volunteer fire department to come out and help assist as the first refugees arrived in the village.

Yeah, after hearing the whole explanation.....I just stood there in some disbelief.  Four thousand people heard the alarm and I'd take a guess that half of them just never went back to sleep.

What were the volunteer fire guys supposed to do?  I assume to help run the gym-turned-into-a-refugee-center......but that's not their real job (all are volunteers).  You'd assume that the state government would have guys on the payroll to handle stuff like this....but apparently not.  Bundeswehr guys?  No.

You'd think in the advanced society....that the city would buy beepers or cellphones for all the fire guys and alert them that way, but we are still on the 1940-type siren to alert the volunteer fire guys to come out and do the job.

Just one of those little things that you shake your head over.

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