Sunday, August 6, 2017

BER Update

It is a page two story for the most part, but this's been noted that the BER Airport (Berlin's newest airport)....will not open now until the fall of 2019....almost seven years late.

Two weeks ago, if you follow travel news....RyanAir put out a news piece saying that the traffic anticipated in the next two decades around Berlin....dictates that yet another airport needs to be built in the region.

You could write a 500-page book over the mismanagement and incompetence involved in BER.  There are literally thousands of things which were wrongly designed or built into this airport.  Just to suggest the same people taking on another project?  No....that probably won't happen.

The idea of closing both Tegel and Schonfeld?  That was the plan ten years ago....when BER was to open.  Now?

Tegel has an entire developmental plan drawn remove the whole airport and transform it into an industrial and training center.  Schonfeld?  There is a plan to keep the airport open to discount airlines after BER finally opens up....but that's only until 2023.  No one says much as to what happens in the long-term.  If the plan was a long-term deal....there would need to be renovation and refurbishment going on with Schonfeld after BER opens.

Screwed up?  This is one of those topics that you don't see politicians willing to chat much upon. Instead of handing this out as a private airport, and run by a professional organization....the Berlin region made the decision to run this themselves, and leave privatization out of the deal.  That was probably the first screw-up that led to the thousand that came later.

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