Friday, August 11, 2017

Emotional Treatment Story

There was a good piece written by Spiegel Magazine a couple of days ago here in Germany....on the topic of asylum and migrant individuals with emotional issues.

More individuals are coming to realize that the incoming crowd has issues which haven't been addressed that much by the German medical profession or the authorities.  Some is related to war-time issues....PTSD....the untimely deaths of friends or family....etc.  Add to this the frustration of coming into a highly regulated country....a place where there is a systemic connection to doing things a particular way.  The cherry on this is that they really didn't do a lot of research into picking when they arrive, they start to realize the tax base...the cost of living....and the serious issue of affordable housing.

Spiegel suggests that if there were more therapists....this quantity of unbalanced individuals would decrease.  I'm not so sure about that.  In some cases, you'd need a lifetime 'anchor'attached to some folks, with the permanent necessity of treatment.

But this brings to the topic table this interesting idea that you need to be open to the idea that a fair number of people falling into the path of some jihadist situation....might really be a plea for help for their emotional issues.

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