Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Six-Year Adventure to Nowhere

For a number of days, the Hamburg cops have put a piece here and there over the migrant murder suspect who knifed a German in a grocery.

Today, they laid out a pretty woeful tale, and I sat amazed over the guy in question.

The suspect in question is a Palestinian guy....born in 1991.  At some point around eight years ago, the 'kid' was wrapping up his with the family in the Gaza Strip.  Hamas, the controlling authority of the Gaza area....wanted him as one of their 'players'.  Staying....wasn't going to be some option.

He felt he could help the leaving, and later getting them out.  So, he left for Egypt, by boat.

No one says how long he stayed in Egypt, but it appears to be just a temporary point in his 'adventure'....getting enough cash to fly into Turkey.

He gets involved with the smuggling crowd, and gets dropped off on a Greek isle, and eventually makes his way across to Greece....where around 2009.....he hikes and skips over various borders to arrive in Norway.

You can figure this was around 3,500 kilometers.  How he crossed the borders?  Unknown.  You are talking about at least twelve borders....if you count Turkey and Egypt.....fourteen.

In some ways, you have to admire his adventurous style.

He walks in and applies for asylum....figuring they'd give it to him.  Eighteen months later, they turned him down.  Logically, if you use the template by the Dublin Agreement....that means he fails in all EU-related countries and the only exit point is back to the Gaza Strip.

What happens at this point, is that he draws the waiting period out....almost two years.  He presents ANOTHER application for asylum.  This time in Sweden.  The Swedes look at everything and say 'no' need to go back to Norway (based on the Dublin Agreement).  In theory, they should have said the Gaza Strip, but this is how screwed up the whole process really is.

A couple of months pass, and he ends up in Spain.  No one says how.  I doubt if he flew....which means he either caught a ride with someone or took a train.

In Spain, he applies for asylum again.  Days, weeks and months pass.....roughly eight months, and Spain says....well, you can't apply here, you need to go back to Norway.  So he goes back there.

A couple of months pass and he shows up to apply once again in Norway (August 2014).  A few months pass, and Norway says

So around early spring of 2015, he shows up in Germany.  Yep, he applies for asylum again.  In this case, because of the massive number of applications going on with the BamF organization handling thousands of applications per day (2015 was  a bad year for them).....they miss the deadline to send the guy back to Norway (the logical answer, but really....he should have been sent to the Gaza Strip).

At this point between the summer of 2015 and November 2016....the guy was getting frustrated.  You can add it up.....six years....going from place to asylum application to be accepted.  No one ever put this guy on a plane and forced him to go back to Gaza Strip.  The Norwegians, the Swedes, the Spanish, the Germans, the Greeks, or the Turks......all could have done this and stopped the adventure.  No one did a thing....they simply kept the live-action application business continuing.

After the November period of 2016, I think it was pretty much downhill from that point on.  Six years wasted, and nothing to show for it.  A few drugs here and there, and frustrations play out.

Now?  He'll likely get prison time now for the murder.  He'll stay in Germany, I suspect....feeling some relief over the traveling business being over.  It's a pretty lousy story on how to waste six years another twenty likely in prison.

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