Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Day Late Story

It's a small tidbit of news that is amusing and tragic.

Die Welt reported this in the AM today.  From this attack ten days ago in Hamburg....with the guy who yelled an Islamic threat and knifed a German in a grocery....there is this odd history item to his story.

He spent a fair amount of time up in Norway (along with Sweden and Spain).  As he crossed over into Germany....he'd filled out some asylum paperwork in Norway, and by the rules of the Dublin Agreement (on the books for over twenty years)....the Germans could have stood up in 2015 and declared him for Norway.  In effect, returning him to where he started his paperwork.

But oddly, there was this problem.  Within the Dublin Agreement, there is this limit of time.  Yeah, it just so happens that the guys in Germany....handling the around to requesting the return on the day after the time-limit.

Yeah....ONE single day late, in 2015.  He would have been gone and not a problem.  A dead German being buried....mostly because of the case-load of migrants, and the inability of BamF to monitor deadlines.

Most Germans will go over this little detail and shake their heads.  Paperwork, it is part of the German legend and something that is often bragged about (in the negative sense).  One might sit there and ask how many others also fell into the 'too-late' episode, but I doubt if German journalists would want to open up this topic.

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