Saturday, August 12, 2017

Migrant Story

ARD (Public Channel One from the German options) put up an article last night on the late news.  I sat and watched it.  It concerned migrants (mostly Africans) who are sitting in Italy and looking to 'escape' over into Austria or Germany.  Video at the site.

What the news crew accompanied was a border inspection of a group of railway cars....freight vehicles....and came across a dozen-odd migrants who attached themselves under a rail car and was riding from Italy up into central Europe.

Of the hundred ways of dangerous activity....I'd rank this method near the top.  But for them, staying in Italy is now not an option.

You have to shake your head over this.  I would imagine all have seen videos of migrants and refugees going into Germany.  They seen the listing of benefits given to immigrants.  They've seen the news coverage of open arms in Germany.  So the mindset is set....get into Germany.

The 2013-to-2016 migrant crowd simply walked over the borders.  This new crowd seems to realize that border check-points have been set up and will deny normal crossing methods.

More to come?  I would make a guess that the border checkpoints will flip at least a hundred a month, and some more innovative method of crossing the border will occur.

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