Friday, August 11, 2017

German New, Friday

E-car quota discussion. ARD article.  In the middle of this German election campaign, SPD candidate Martin Schulz put a plan to mandate electric-car quotas.  You might want to note that the EU, the German Transport Ministry, and the whole industry itself....are against such a mandated quota system.  Numbers on the road today?  Roughly 100,000.  If Schulz's quota system fell into place, by'd be near one-million.  How they would make this idea work?  Unknown.  There just isn't that much interest in pure electrical cars....hybrid cars are a different thing, and still draw a fair amount of public interest.

Good explanation on diesel health issue.  ARD article.  Good video graphical piece at ARD site to cover the health talk on nitrogen oxide issue, and how the diesel crisis in Germany is a problem.

Beach crowd surprised by migrants.  Focus article.  On a beach in Andalusia, Spain....the beach crowd were surprised by  migrant boat landing with 50 immigrants from North Africa.

Mehmet Scholl finished with ARD.  ARD article.  For a number of years, if you followed soccer with the public network of their top 'experts' was a former player-coach....Mehmet Scholl.  About a year ago, the network wanted to hype up a news agenda item of drugs being in the national soccer scene of Germany.  Scholl said there just wasn't such a problem.  He refused to hype their news item.  Around two months ago....ARD more or less said that he HAD to hype the drugs in soccer, and so, there was a parting of company.  Some soccer fans will view the handling of this with ARD as marginalized sports news, and another indicator why the public network is screwed up.

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