Friday, August 4, 2017

The 10,000 Who Don't Exist

It's one of those short stories from ARD that makes one laugh over the degree of effort put into something by the Germans.

Germany maintains a list or registry of foreigners within Germany.  If you go and ask the Federal Federal Commissioner (Weise), he'll tell you that approximately 10 million people are listed with a foreign nationality (5.7 million from non-EU countries).

Evidently, they've hired a couple of folks and poured over the data listings, and have come to realize that at least ten-thousand individuals....are erroneous in nature (they left, died, or just disappeared).

In one case....they a guy is listed or entered on the list from 1921....but obviously long since dead.

So, this has some folks a bit worried because there's a lot of political actions going on and people using the registry list for budget reasons.  AS Weise kinda don't want a false list to give you some indications of things.

Who are the ten thousand?  Unknown.  Some might have simply got in a car and left.  Some might have gone on a vacation and died back in the home-country.  You just don't know.

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