Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lower Saxony Polling

Since the January state vote in Lower Saxony has been tossed, and the new state election is now 15 Oct....polling now matters.

So I noted that Focus covered this topic today.

How does the SPD and Green Party situation run?  Well....not that great.  The SPD is rated at 28 percent (going down 4 points in 4.5 years), and the Greens are at 9 percent.

AfD?  They would get around 7 percent.

The FDP would receive close to 9 percent.

Then you come to the CDU....which appears on a hefty roll.....40 percent.

Results by Insa.

Every other party would have less than five percent and thus not really matter.  If you do the math....the CDU and FDP would probably have enough votes out of the five to run a coalition government.

For the SPD?  It's really a big stumble.  2017 is simply Merkel's year and everyone in Germany appears to be riding the Merkel-wave.  If Lower Saxony had been able to wait five months to the normal election....there would have been some breathing space and a chance of recovery.  In this's a pretty sour election for the SPD and Greens.

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