Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pallet Furniture Trend

Back in the spring, I noted from one of the German TV programs that had to do with renovation this idea of using pallets for patio-type furniture.  The German guy sat there with regular pallets and in ten minutes....had a couch made up....threw a couple of cushions on it....and more or less said "see what you can do".

So months have passed, and I noticed in my newest hardware sales leaflet at the house...this whole section of local hardware store, now set up with pallet-furniture.

Yeah, I'm just shaking my head.

If you want just a generic pallet, it's 16.99 Euro each.  You want the couch's 29.99 Euro each (with the cushions).  You want a bed or table....easily made up as well.

Over my military career....I probably had to help dispose of over 500 pallets.  Never once did I envision them being potential couches or beds.

How did this trend take off?  It's mostly the 18-to-25 old crowd who don't have the 2,000 Euro to set up a basic apartment with regular cheap furniture.  But they could afford 400 Euro of pallet furniture that requires one afternoon to assemble and put into place.

The splinter issue?  I've sat and paused over this several times.  Generally, the maintenance guy explained that part in the spring introduction by suggesting 'sanding' to occur and to lessen any splinter problems.

My gut feeling is that it's a trend that will be around for two years and then disappear.  Yeah...a whole lot of pallets will end up being thrown away in a couple of years.

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