Thursday, August 3, 2017

BMW's Diesel 'Fix'

It came out this afternoon in Germany that BMW announced a bonus deal of 2,000 Euro for people with a Euro 4 diesel car or older....but you can only use this money for the purchase of a BMW electric car (the i3), a hybrid BMW or another diesel BMW with the Euro 6 standard.

There are a number of negatives to the'd have to accept this before 1 January 2018.  You can't use it to buy a gas-car.  I would imagine at this one wants to buy into diesel cars....even a BMW-type.

I suspect that part of the long-term solution for the government is making offers like this more bold, and enticing toward the hybrids or electric cars.  Maybe it'd take a 5,000 Euro German government tax credit if took the older model diesel and trashed.  Some of these diesel cars that are in the 'bad-car' mix.....are from the 2005 era or prior.  I would imagine some diesel cars....particularly the older Mercedes and BMW types from the early 1990s are still running today.

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