Friday, August 11, 2017

The Apprentice Story

Focus put up an article today which I've chatted about a great deal....when you have apprentice positions but not enough kids to put into them.

So, as the story goes.....there 512,000 training slots nation-wide in Germany.  According to the numbers people....there ought to be enough slots for every single kid in Germany to have a job-training position., it doesn't work that way.

If you around North Rhine Westphalia....roughly a quarter of the kids can't find empty slots.  The same can be said for Berlin-City.

Bavaria?   Well, that's a different story.  They've got roughly 100,000 training slots, and can only find 77,000 kids to fill the slots.  A kid basically has his pick....something that is almost impossible in states like Hessen or the Pfalz.

Fixing this?  Mobility simply isn't there.  You'd have to rig up an entire program to move some kid to for his rent, and offer up some incentives to do this.  At the same can see that areas like Berlin and NRW have a long-term problem if their kids can't find apprentice programs to fit into.

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