Sunday, August 6, 2017

Two Short Stories

There are two odd German stories that I came across this weekend, and I'll tell each as simply as I can.

1. If you go touring to of the sites where there are often security folks hanging out and waiting for 'trouble' is the Reichstag building (near the train-station).  Well....two Chinese guys (in their 30s and 40s)....stood out front and were going to take pictures of each other.  As each prepared for the snapshot....they raised their hand in the Hitler-greeting fashion.  Cops swarmed around them, and arrested them.  Fine?  500 Euro each.

They could have done the Hitler-salute at a thousand locations around the city and never been caught.  As for the reason for the Hitler-salute?  Probably a Chinese joke after having watched numerous German WW II movies.

2.  We had a Hessen couple who'd gotten up early and were bound for the Frankfurt Airport.  They had their 13-year old and 14-year old sons in the back of the van.  Somewhere in the midst of this trip to the airport....they ran into a autobahn stoppage....some accident.  Traffic was completely tied movement for a number of minutes.  The father got out and stepped to the side of the road to either relieve himself or chat with another driver....the two sons quietly got out and went to relieve themselves by the woods.  Traffic started to pick back up.  The wife was sleeping through all of this.

Yeah, you can guess it....the father took off without the two kids.  Time passed...they arrive at the airport, and reality hits the father and mother....the two sons aren't in the vehicle.  The two kids have found the cops and alerted them to the situation.  The parents return to pick up the kids.  But sadly, they miss the flight.

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