Sunday, August 6, 2017

German Politics Over the Weekend

It's been an interesting weekend on the political landscape for Germans.

First, a fair amount of time was spent in explaining the whole Lower Saxony episode with the Green Party member (Frau Twesten) and how she quit the Greens and came to the CDU....forcing an early election.

For the Greens, Twesten had spent a fair amount of time over the past four and a half-years....trying to explain that people needed to represent the area that they'd been elected from, and not stay obsessed with Green Party doctrine....which she found, that the Party chiefs buy into this logic.  She also wanted to be listed as candidate in the January election, get into the Green representation at the Bundestag (Berlin), or go to the EU as a representative.  The Greens were not going to allow her any of the three opportunities.

In some ways, as much as the Greens try to explain their behavior here....they aren't helping their case much for the quick election coming up.

Second.  If you look at the polling for the national election (three weeks away)'s fairly negative for the SPD (23-percent, having fallen from 32-percent back in January).  So, there was this essay to come out from Martin Schulz.....their Chancellor candidate....chatting on how really bad it is to give 2-percent of the national GDP to some military obligation as part of NATO.

You remember that Trump comment coming up four months ago?  Chancellor Merkel kinda agreed that they could move toward the two-percent goal in the next budget.  Schulz says in his essay....NO.  That the nation should not make this move.

The issue here is that Schulz is fairly desperate for votes and willing to say anything to take votes....which in this case....he might be taking votes from the Green Party or Linke Party.  My gut feeling is that he's trying to make sure that the CDU/CSU and FDP effort doesn't cross the 50-percent point.  

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