Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Talk of a New Immigration Law in Germany

Focus wrote up a forty-line piece this morning on the German immigration mess.  The 'hint' by their writer?  Germany needs an immigration law, which regains the trust of the public.

There are some relative facts to the mess created since 2013.  Most industry leaders will speak to the issue that Germany needs to go out and 'recruit' qualified and capable people for the future (note, they aren't talking about burger-flippers or minimally educated people.

It's also pointed out that Germany doesn't need more criminals or drug-dealers.

There is no argument about the birth-rate problem and an older Germany society.

But you reach this interesting situation of pondering what existed before 2013, and what came after 2013.  Prior to 2013....the immigration program worked....no one really argues about this fact.

I would suggest that what has occurred since 2013 is that everyone wants to reinvent the immigration program to fit their new perceived agenda.  The truth is.....the program and rules already exist, and if people (particularly the various political groups and agenda organizations) would just respect the previous program....it would work in today's atmosphere.

The basis of the old program?  You generally applied for a visa at the old country, within the German embassy.  You filled out the paperwork (over 30 pages), and presented an ID or passport.  They verified who you were, and an evaluation would occur and roughly sixty days later, you'd be informed that you were accepted or you weren't accepted.

The emphasis of the old program was that you didn't attempt to enter Germany and sit in some immigration camp/center for eight to twelve months....you sat in your old country and respected the border of Germany.

In the process of applying, if you intended to take your wife, your mother, your cousin....then you did a group package.  All of these rules exist today....if you would ALLOW them to function.  Oddly, everyone wants to pretend that the rules and regulations don't exist today.

Adding to this?  One might perceive that a simple listing ought to be created for a handful of nations under war-time threat and limited refugee-entry visas could be created for this group, with a particular number noted to exist (not an unlimited number as some might suggest).

Getting intellectuals and journalists to agree that the rules and regulations already exist?  Forget about it.  They are hyped up to say that you need a new package....which fits some likely agenda or obsession.

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