Saturday, August 5, 2017

Wrapping Up Last Weekend's Attack

It's been a week since the Lake Constance disco shooting, and cops are trying to wrap up the mystery parts of the episode (the shooter is dead).

The guy had been in Germany for over a decade (having come out of Iraq).

The reason for the attack in the disco?  The owner and this guy were related (brother-in-law).  From what the cops say....the shooter came into the club looking for the brother-in-law.  Little is said over the conflict that existed.  One can imagine either money, or drugs.

Other than a guy at the front door who the shooter shot dead....a few random shots were fired around.  The shooter was on a hunt for the brother-in-law.  At the conclusion of this hunt, the shooter walked out, and the staff tried to secure the he wouldn't come back in.  At least four people were wounded at that point.  But adding to this mess was the mass escape of everyone in the disco, and this situation caused at least eight folks to be injured.

A mystery does exist over the gun.  Officially, the guy doesn't own a he must have procured it illegally.  The serial is causing some problems and it's suggested that maybe this was a collection of parts that the guy or some some associate had collected....putting one single gun together.

The drug and alcohol test on the dead guy?  Yet to be complete.  It may tell more of the story.

Trying to make this into some refugee or terror attack?  Some idiots might try to say this....but the guy had been in Germany for a number of years, fairly known to the cops, and appears to have been some minor mafia king-pin more than anything else.

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