Thursday, August 3, 2017

The 'Lost' Do-Good Crowd

After I read the Hamburg cop's details on the stabber last night....I've sat and pondered over the remarkable way that this Gaza Strip gentleman made his way across a dozen-odd countries, to find some 'safe' ground.  In some ways, he was lured into thinking a 'safe-land' was achievable.

You have various groups around Europe today (probably the US as well) who embark about doing 'good' hyping up some open-door to immigration, asylum or migration.  They exist in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, France, Germany, etc.

In this case, they demonstrate almost no real knowledge over the immigration process of their own country.  If you go and ask any German bureaucrat.....they will point out that BamF exists as the national agency to handle immigration and asylum.  There's paperwork, requirements, regulations, and an establish trail.  In some ways, the pro-asylum groups act like BamF doesn't exist or that you can beat the established path in some court.  These are the same groups that pretend that paperwork doesn't exist, and that an approval process is just a fantasy.

For this Gaza Strip might assume that some Norwegians remarked how easily visa-status could be this triggered the guy to cross a dozen borders.  Months later, reality hits because the paperwork application didn't work.  Then some Swedes remark how easily visa-status could be achieved....but months later, that's proven false.  Then some Spanish folks remark how easily visa-status could be achieved....but months later, that's proven false.  Then some Norwegian folks comment again that visa-status is very possibly...dragging the guy back again, but discovering a failed application.  Then some Germans suggest that visa-status can be achieved very easily....luring the guy into Hamburg.

Every step of the way....this guy was lured onto a fantasy by people who didn't really know or grasp the rules established. Failure after failure.

If you weren't frustrated the end of this remarkable journey, you had to be fairly frustrated.  All of these people kept your hopes going for several years, and it's obvious they just never knew what they were talking about.

What next?  Some bureaucrats have to basically clean up this 'mess' in Hamburg....with court action and some verdict which likely puts the Gaza Strip guy in some prison for a while over a murder.  Someone ought to take the 'do-good' crowd (not just of Germany, but across Europe) and force them into a room and explain how the immigration process works.  Hyping up some mythical fantasy door for migration or asylum, and how easily it a lousy agenda.  My guess is that it'll just continue.  No one seems to want to learn any lessons here.

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