Thursday, April 5, 2018

Ten Things About German Cops

1. They could be working for the city, the state, or the federal folks.  Never get the idea that city cops are any lesser on authority than federal cops.

2. The traffic and speeding tickets they hand out....earn them zero on “bonuses”. The money all goes to a state fund and a national fund. Other than points on their yearly evaluation....they really don’t get nothing out of this deal.

3. They don’t get hired because they are Uncle Larry’s nephew. There is a physical test of a fair and tough nature....along with an intelligence test. Based on a news episode I watched over their selection process....I doubt that even half the folks taking either test get to the point of being invented into the selection process.

4. There is an academy that you attend to be a cop. There are various tests and evaluations before the end. The best graduate and move on. The folks lacking....don’t graduate.

5. When a German cop stops you and asks questions.....answer them and don’t put up a hassle. If you chose to argue or become a problem....he has full authority to toss you on the ground and handcuff for a trip downtown. Either you give him respect or you lose.

6. Police brutality used to be almost impossible to prove.  With video coverage available now....judges are willing to act on cases.

7. Every German cop knows ten basic judo moves and can lay you on the ground in a second or two. 

8. Never use the friendly version of “you” (du) with a German cop. Always use “sie” instead. If you want trouble....just toss in one “du” and you’ve got problems immediately.

9. If the German cops said you were speeding....take it as an absolute fact. They will even show you the video.

10. If the German cop pulls his weapon....he will use the weapon with no hesitation. Don’t think otherwise.  There is a legendary story that in a normal average year across Germany.....there's usually less than 30 rounds fired by all German cops combined. 

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